RISE! - online mentorship for spiritually giftet people (12 months/online) - starting May 2023  in Deutsch/English

This one goes out to those in hiding! - To the highly sensitive, the empaths, the seers, dreamers, gifted healers and prophets among you... and to those, who are born with memories and wisdom of a 1000 lives in their souls, deeply hidden within ... 



You are born in these turbulent times, because humanity needs you now! And it needs you conscious and prepared, and ready to do the work, you came here for!


I often hear people say, how awful it is, to be born spiritually gifted, and born with a purpose, which secretly drives them restless from the inside out ... They say, that they feel cursed in a way. That they feel so afraid to accept their giftedness and agree to undergo the process of initiation. Yes, being spiritually gifted and being born to rise up to your purpose, will maybe lead you off the trotten pathways. But it comes with an incredible honor,  deep joy and unimaginable grace! What makes this path so hard to travel, is not having the right mentor, who can guide you through certain unavoidable processes. 


I did have wonderful mentors, which made my journey much more pleasant, than it was for many of my kin. Whenever I see people struggle with their giftedness, its never about their gift. Its usually because they are lacking instructions on how to access and cultivate it propperly, and how to keep the core routins, so embodying their gifts doesnt wipe them off their feet.


In this year long online mentorship, I will take you step by step through all the basics you need to establish in your every-day-life, in order to truely be able to open up to your gift, and the path you are ment to walk. I guess, its unnecessary to mention, that this program is not a substitute for initiation nor an opportunity to bypass necessary ceremonies. To truely establish your spiritual backbone for the job you are ment to embody, some gifts require a personal process of initiation (ephehlweni, Inthwaso). 

But it will most definitly lead you up to it! You will get ready to truely say YES to walk the path, you came here for. And it will equip you with all the necessary core routines, to enjoy it, and rely on your inner guidance. 


By guiding you through this year long mentorship-program, my goal is, that you realize, who you really are on all levels of your existence. And that you fully discover and unleash your transformative powers, by using the tools I am going to share with you. You are a source of creative power. It's time to RISE!, and become conscious of your giftedness. 



about the mentoring


+ The mentoring will happen in a closed-group setting. You will receive instructions via written messages, videos and audio-files, which will lead you through your weekly assignments. Group-interaction will be part of the assigments.


+ These assignments will take you all the way through healing your own history, reconnecting with your ancestors and establishing a true connection with them. An essential part of this mentoring will be understanding the meaning of your dreams and visions, so you can start to trust and rely on your inner guidance. 


+ You will go through many stages of cleansing physically, emotionally and energetically, so your physical body, your emotional body and your energetic body get ready and 100% usable to rise up to your souls mission! 


+ You will be taken through the process of realigning your focus in life, as well as your physical, mental and psychic abilities, with your calling. No question, this is a battlefield of a challange! But, as one of my most devoted teachers once said: "... Some peace can only be found on the other side of a battlefield. And you will have to cross it an become a warrior at heart, to gather the strength you need, to be at peace!" 


+ Once your physical reality has been transformed, and you get a sense of alignment with your calling, its about establishing your connection to your souls source. This is a deeply spiritual work. You will learn how to establish a sense of truth within you and enter a state of True North on your souls compass, which is the base for any serious connection to the invisible realms of our existence. No drugs. No haluzinogens. No shortcuts. All it takes, is the real you within! 


+ In the last phase of your mentoring, you will get a deeper sense of the universal laws, the rhythems of life, and gain a lot of trust in the processes life is taking you through, in order to fulfill your souls purpose. 


+ If you need personal assistance within this years processes, you can sign up for a 1:1 online consultation with me. This online-consultation will cost you 1€/min, and it will be up to you, how much personal attention you request of me. I usually do this via whatapp-video call at a pre-set time, with a time-limit of 90 min. Payment is possible via PayPal after the consultation.


+ CONCEARNING GROUP-MEMBERS, WHO JOIN US FROM SOUTH AFRICA: If you need any personal assistance with physical and/or energetic cleansing, as well as assistance with upcoming ancestrial issues, I will provide you with the contacts of very qualified local healers, who are also members of the mentoring-group and are "part of the crew", so to speak. They can and will assist you properly and within the ethic boundaries of this mentorship-program.


good to know before you sign up for it...


1.)... People, who have joined this mentorship in live-form with me, reported, it was kicking their asses. They thought, they signed up for a few nights with me on the campfire, some process work and shamanic rituals, as well as a a bit of weekly homework. And it turned out to be the hardes challange of their life so far. But it set them on ground. It made them own their bodies, which were completely transformed within the process. It made them understand their own inner nature and reconnected them to the outside word in a totally different way. It made them realize, why their life could not have gone different so far. It made them become self-reliant, responsible, and emotionally connected adults. And I am really proud of the people they have become, as I have known several of them before they have chosen this path. So, I say this before hand: I am not going to be esasy on you. But life is getting a hell of a lot easier, abundant and balanced, once this process is done!


2.) ... within the course of this mentorship, you will have to dedicate quite a bit of time to your assignments. There is no set time limit, but if you persue this seriously, it will request a weekly and daily time-investment. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. But it most deffinitly, you can't just slip through it.


3.) You will only pay a one-time-fee as a single playment for the entire mentoring. But in addition to that, you will have to purchase certain items like herbs from your local groceries or herbal store, textiles for your ancestrial cloth, beads for your beadwork, and especially....healthy food, which can be expensive in some areas. Also to purchase a gym-matt will be a necessity. No, you dont borrow one! Its going to be part of your life from now on. So please mind the additional costs, which might not be too high, but if you are allready short, this might be something to think about ahead of signing inn for the mentorship. You can keep the costs low, but count inn some additional costs, if you want to do the real thing!


4.) You need a valid email-adress, a PayPal account, as well as a facebook-account, in order to join this online mentorship, as a private and invisible Facebook group will be used for group-communication, some of the teachings and live-streaming. There will also be an a login-area on this website for specific teachings and guidelines along the way. As this mentoring will be held in English only, your level of comprehension and expression in English should at least be intermediate level. (B1/B2). If you can understand this introduction, you should be fine!


5.) Last but most importantly and absolutely unavoidable: THIS MENTORSHIP COMES WITH A 'NO DRUGS & NO DRAMA' POLICY. As you enter my energetic field, you will be under the guidance and energetic support of not just my personal presence, but those who came before us, and who will be holding space for us. And in order to keep this space clear and balanced for spiritual work and transformation, I urge you to respect this under all circumstances. So, for the time you are in this mentoring, you don't use drugs, and you don't attend any ceremonies which include entheogens (trance inducing drugs like Ayahuasca or alike). In this year we will be working with oneirogens mainly, and we will choose them according to your ancestors origin only. With signing into this mentorship, you agree to these terms. 



to sign up for this one-year-long mentorship...


1.) You fill out the form below and send it.

2.) You transmit the one-time-payment of € 650,- (7.500 Rand for participants from SA) for the entire year of mentorship via PayPal to moonlakesangoma@gmail.com

3.) Once this payment is processed, you will receive an invitation to the mentoring group as well as further information on this year, via e-mail. 

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