"Der Zweifel ist das Wartezimmer der Erkenntnis." Buddhistische Weisheit
"Der Zweifel ist das Wartezimmer der Erkenntnis."                                                          Buddhistische Weisheit

about me

born 1980 in Salzburg | Austria


1999 | Training in Ayurvedic medicine in Munich | Germany and Mysore | South India under the tutelage of Dr. Hans Heinrich Rhyner, Dr. Subash Ranade, Dr. Chandra Shekar and Dr. Jayshree Bengeri. Graduated in 2003 as a qualified clinical Ayurveda therapist (CAT)


2001 | Beginning of training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga under Sri K. Patthabi Jois and Sharat Rangaswami in Mysore | South India


2005 | Initiation into ceremonial work and work with rituals by K. Jefferson and W. Gubi, introduction to traditional European mysticism, study of Celtology and religious studies at the University of Vienna


2008 | Training as a pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum caretaker (doula) at the Parent-Child Center Graz under Angelika Rodler, Debora Pascali Bonaro and Ina May Gaskin (winner of the alternative Nobel Prize)


2009 | Diploma 'Medical basics for therapeutic professions' (Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology) | Institute Löbel Vienna


2009 | Beginning of the cooperation with the doctors and midwives of the Birth Center Nussdorf| Vienna - courses and seminars for holistic preparation for childbirth with yoga and alternative methods for conscious and instinctive birth management


2010 | Birth of my son Balthasar Leonidas


2011 | Beginning of the teaching of nature mentoring and nature connection under the guidance of Hans Müllegger | Jaizen - Austria


2011 | Publication of the book 'The Alchemy of Birth - Back to Instinctive Birth with Yoga' (nbm, 2011). Release of the DVD 'The alchemy of birth' (nbm, 2011)


2013 | Training to become a qualified parental advisor at FAMAK Graz - Dipl. in 2014


2014 | Birth of my son Joshua Zacharias Albin


2015 | Publication of the book 'INSTINCTIVE BIRTH - Giving birth is an inside job: Handbook for holistic preparation for an instinctive birth experience' (nbm, 2015). Available at www.amazon.de!


Since 2017 | Columnist at 'THE MOTHERING JOURNEY https://themotheringjourney.de/


2018 | Initiation as iNyanga under Gobela Morris M. (Sitswana) and Nozinyanga Shilwane Elke Waclawiczek in Molote | South Africa in the Tokoza tradition (traditional African medicine and ceremonial work / traditional African shamanism)


2019 | Further initiation as iNyanga and Amapropheti in Tempisa | South Africa in the tradition of the Zulu tribe under Gobela Gogo Dorkas Mametsi Tsiamo Monzo Makhoba  (traditional African medicine & shamanism)


2020 | Birth of my 3rd son Noah Siphoesihle Nzima


2021 | Further studies in traditional African herbal medicine and ceremonial work under the tutelage of Gobela Gogo Dorkas Mametsi Tsiamo Monzo Makhoba (Zulu) and Makone Lekoba Mokabane (Bapedi)

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